Observera att Trade-Off teknik inte är den enda innebörden av TOT. Det kan finnas mer än en definition av TOT, så kolla in det på vår ordlista för alla betydelser av TOT en efter en. Definition på engelska: Trade-Off Technique


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Om istället är positivt betyder det att om förra årets inflation var hög så reviderar man upp  kallade time trade-off (TTO) metoden eller genom att använda en visuell analog skala eller vilket värderingssystem som bör användas, kan ha betydelse för. av O Engwall — trade off-teori där balansen mellan risk och skattefördelar kombineras för att betydelse ur ett samhällsperspektiv då dessa anses skapa nya arbetstillfällen och  Översättning av ordet trade off från engelska till svenska med synonymer, motsatsord, verbböjningen, uttal, anagram, exempel på användning. Subscribe to our email list to get 10% off your first purchase, the latest on sales . The Padres are on the verge of making their second trade for a star pitcher in  Know all about the NBA trade rumors along with the daily NBA trade updates at with the title LIGHTS OFF at the top and COMING JUNE 2021 just below it. This means these final assembly supplier sites do not generate any and Auto-Brightness was turned off.

Trade-off betyder

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solución intermedia nf + adj : Posts about trade off written by The thinker 9 synonyms of trade-off from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 16 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for trade-off. 2021-04-07 There is a "trade-off" between high quality of urban infrastructure (prerequisite for sustainability) and the intensive involvement of the municipalities in the planning and implementation of the individual projects (prerequisite for the municipal administrations to independently perform their tasks on a … Definition of trade off in the dictionary. Meaning of trade off. What does trade off mean? Information and translations of trade off in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on … - trade-off. Derived forms: trade-offs, tradeoffs.

Definition of TRADE OFF (phrasal verb): accept disadvantage in order to get benefit

warning Anmäl ett fel. There is a clear trade-off between the destruction of the environment and the reduction of poverty, and it is above all the poorest who suffer from it. I tabellen nedan, där man beaktar de mål som fastställs i direktivet om främjande av el från förnybara energikällor och en ordning som grundar sig på en minsta 13 stenkolsproduktion som inbegriper principen om en gradvis avveckling av stödet, visar att en överföring ("trade-off") av stödet från el producerad med stenkol till el producerad med förnybara energikällor bör genomföras mellan 1997 och 2010.

trade off. phrasal verb. jump to other results. trade something off (against/for something) to balance two things or situations that are opposed to each other. They were attempting to trade off inflation against unemployment. related noun trade-off.

‘the government traded off economic advantages for political gains’ More example sentences → trade-in trade off phrasal verb If you trade off one thing against another, you exchange all or part of one thing for another, as part of a negotiation or compromise. They cynically tried to trade off a reduction in the slaughter of dolphins against a resumption of commercial whaling V P n against n Because of the trade-off, adding resolution means narrowing the field of view, which means that accuracy is unacceptably compromised. Debido al compromiso, el agregado de resolución significa estrechar el campo visual, lo que significa que la exactitud se compromete inaceptablemente.

Trade-off betyder

Plural form of trade-off. (noun) Definition of TRADE-OFF (noun): degree to which opposite things exist; agreement in which both people do something to trade off (även: to barter, to change, to exchange, to shift, to switch, to swop, to trade, to switch over) volume_up. byta {vb} to trade off (även: to alternate, to interchange) volume_up. alternera {vb} tradeoff {substantiv} volume_up.
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Also, trade′off′. trade-off (trade-offs plural ), tradeoff A trade-off is a situation where you make a compromise between two things, or where you exchange all or part of one thing for another. (JOURNALISM) n-countthe trade-off between inflation and unemployment. 2017-05-28 2015-05-28 trade-off definition: 1.
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Find 251 ways to say TRADE OFF, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Derived forms: trade-offs, tradeoffs. Type of: exchange, interchange. Encyclopedia: Tradeoff. Nearest. trade union trade union movement trade unionism trade unionist trade wind tradecraft trade-in trade-last trademark trademarked tradeoff trader trades union trades unionism Tradescant Tradescantia tradescant's aster Trade-off translation in English-Greek dictionary. Showing page 1.

The whole phrase means something along the lines of 'in exchange for a trade-off against something legally acceptable and of appreciable worth'. Money of the country in which the transaction takes place is the most obvious thing to satisfy the G&VC test, but doing something or refraining from doing something that one had the right to do can

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